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Hairy Pony 2 in 1 Detangle and Shine Spray Watermelon

Hairy Pony's 2 n 1 Detangle and Shine Spray is specially formulated to achieve maximum results as an everyday conditioning detangler AND as an intense show shine finishing product, with results that can last for days . Simply spray 2 in 1 Detangle and Shine Spray into a clean or dirty tail, brush and go!

This spray is dry oil based, meaning  you achieve all the conditioning & shine benefits of oils without any oily residue. Results can be visible for days as the product does not attract dust or clump hairs together.

Hairy Pony' 2 in 1 Detangle and Shine Spray is 100% vegan, cruelty free, sulphate, silicone & paraben-free, and is proudly made in Australia.

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