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Penelope Marina Winter Jacket - Navy

The one and only long winter jacket from Pénélope Collections ! The one jacket which will keep you warm and which will turn winter into a cosy moment. 

Marina winter jacket is made of two different linings (one reversible and sleevless) which can be worn together or stay independent. Therefore, you can have 4 different options : 

- Option 1 : Marina parka in Softshell fabric (outer side) and fused cotton (inner side) is worn on its own, without lining, for a wind repellant use.

- Option 2 : You can wear Marina with the lining to get a really good protection against cold, wind and other winter surprises 

- Option 3 : The reversible lining on its own, ultra soft fleece side out, for perfect "Mountain" look ! 

- Option 4 : The reversible lining on its own, smooth side out, for a more "Sportswear" look

This jacket comes with a hood which is linked to the lining vest, it can't be removed and has a gorgeous fake fur around it. 

The main part of Marina has two zip pockets on the front. It also opens on the back for more ease or to wear it while riding. It is the perfect ally once off your horse. 

Pénélope logo is embroidered on the chest, underlined with a blue/white/ref flag. On the fleece side of the lining vest, is a rond patch with Pénélope logo on it.  

Composition : Main fabric : 95 % Polyester + 5 % elastane - Padding/ Lining : 100 % Polyester. Fake fur : 80 % Acrylic + 20 % Polyester


Care instructions : Both parts of Marina can be washed easily in the washing machine, cold (30°C). Go easy on the the spinning, and the fake fur from the hood can be dried thanks to a hair dryer by keeping it at a safe distance. That way you will make this fake fur brand new.

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