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Kentucky Jumping Saddle Pad Pearls

Need something extra with your saddle pad. This gorgeous pearl saddle pad that has cushioning also protects from friction. Also has a breathable material 43% nylon, 43% polyester & 14% spandex.  


Eye Catching 

You can also put this back with the matching fly viels. Kentucky Fly viel Stone & Pearl long or wellington. the combination is drop dead gorgeous. 

No straps on the saddle cloth only a nylon strap for the girth to stop pressure points.

No annoying straps to attach to the saddle, only a nylon strap for the girth. The saddle pad pearls features a subtle leather logo in the same color as the saddle pad, whilst still offering enough room to embroider the saddle pad if needed. Classy leather logo on the side of the pad.

 Only Hand Wash



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