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Kentucky Cryo Ice Boots

Cryo ice boots are the ideal cooling boots that can be used after exercise or
competition to cool down the legs of your horse. The boots are anatomically
shaped and have a removable Cryo gel pack. The Cryo gel pack stays soft and
moulds nicely around the horses legs to give a maximum comfort.
Thanks to its innovative silver coated neoprene it insulates the cold between 30-
40 mins.

Ideal to use after intense training, competition or injuries to relieve pain and avoid swelling.

The lining is made out of a soft knitted open structure fabric with inserted silicone
straps, that allow the boots to stay nice in place on the horses legs.
This help's your horse recovering from injuries, improve blood circulation
and reduce inflammation.
How to use: put the Cryo cooling packs in the freezer for minimum 3 hours or
longer to have the best cooling effect. Can be used for both front and hind legs.

  • Min 3 hours or longer in the freezer
  • Stays cold between 30
  • 40 mins
Anatomically shaped with a soft knitted open structure fabric with silicone
  • Removable Cryo gel packs
  • Sold in pairs
  • Can be used for both front and hind legs

Outer shell is machine Washable at 30° (no dryer)

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