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CuraPet® Remedeaz Oil is the first product of its kind to come to market with the unique combination of essential oils, including Australia’s Native Kunzea Ambigua plant to help soften dry skin and remove flaking to soften dry skin and remove flaking to stop the scratch of our 4-legged friends and encourage healthy, happy animals.

In an age where most people are looking for new and natural health alternatives, EquaCare’s Product Development team in conjunction with one of Australia’s leading animal skin specialists, have formulated a new range of products to help calm the skin through maintaining moisture and supporting a healthy skin barrier in horses and dogs.

Healthy skin provides a natural barrier to unwanted infection. Dry, flaky skin can be irritating and cause animals to scratch, introducing infection and trauma to the skin. Maintaining soft, moisturised, healthy skin in the first place is the perfect prevention.

Our oil contains key, all-natural ingredients to help smooth and encourage soft & healthy skin. On top of their individual benefits, this unique combination of ingredients, including essential oils, produces a synergistic effect for healthier skin.

One of our key ingredients, is from the Kunzea Ambigua plant, a native plant only found along the East Coast of Australia. Recent studies have shown several promising therapeutic uses of this plant including as an anti-inflammatory and as a treatment for muscle aches and pains. 

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