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Animo Top Socks

Luxurious Animo Top Socks can make all the difference keeping your feet and lower legs comfortable while you ride. Knee high Top Socks are a thin but durable stretchy material that wicks moisture, dries quickly, and offers excellent shape retention. Beautiful crystal accents look lovely. 

You Won't feel Them

  • Amaranto or Grigio
  • Stretchy shape retention
  • Wicking, quick drying
  • Sporty accent colors
  • Low profile crystal logo trim

Ladies tall boot Top Socks from Animo are the perfect competition socks to wear under or over your breeches. The darker band at the top keeps you looking proper even if your boot slips down a bit. Your feet will stay drier, reducing the formation of odors, and the smooth, close fit prevents bunching and rubbing. Technical riding socks from Animo come in Amaranto (burgundy) or Grigio (grey) with contrast accent colors.

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