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PS of Sweden Jump Off Revolution Bridle

This anatomical bridle has been created for jumping and schooling in mind.

The design of the noseband allows full freedom for the cheekbones and the sensitive nerve endings. Its upper part of the noseband is fastened by regular pullback fastening.

The shape of the headpiece reduces the pressure behind the sensitive ears and top of the neck of the horse. The extra padding relieves pressure on the poll.

The cheek pieces have their own patent pending elastic insert which they call a “cradle”, that allows the bit to be suspended in the horses mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure from the poll. If the horse prefers the bridle without the cradles, they are designed to be easily removed by simply cutting them off.

Please note, if you wish to use this bridle in official competition you will need to purchase a PS of Sweden throat lash to accompany it.

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