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PS of Sweden Flying Change Revolution Bridle

This lovely snaffle bridle provides a difference with the noseband in particular. It has a slim design to allow for freedom around the cheekbones and the nerve endings. The strap has a padded plate under the chin and is fastened with pullback. The flash strap can be removed, turning it into a regular cavesson.

The shape of the patent pending crownpiece reduces the pressure behind the sensitive ears and top of the neck of the horse. The extra padding offers more space for the ears to move naturally.

The cheek pieces are flat with and fitted the patent pending cradles, which allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure on the poll. The cradles are selectable and constructed to be easily "hooked on and off".

Please note, if you are wanting to wear this bridle in official competition, a PS of Sweden throat lash must be used.

Available in black and brown.

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