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Makebe Wave ErgoSpurs - Buffer Terminal

Not just your average spur - these have a range of features which make them a cut above the rest.

The “Wave ErgoSpur” shows innovation and thought in its design, thanks to the special ergonomic shape that lets the spur sit comfortably under the ankle joint and maintain its original position.

This spur is made from anodised oxidant aluminium, which ensures its glossy colour and durability, plus its exceptional light weight.

Furthermore the Wave ErgoSpur is designed with an interchangeable terminal and 7 different terminal options. This means you won’t have to replace your spurs if you feel you need something stronger or softer - simply swap the ends over.

All of this creates a seriously comfortable, practical and stylish spur.

This spur has a buffer terminal, which is perfect for sensitive skinned horses.

Please contact us if your desired colour is not in stock.

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