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Lorenzini Titanium Loose Ring 45 Degree Lock Up Snaffle

The 45 degree lock up bits are a concept stemming from people wanting a solid mouthpiece at times, but also the softness of a broken-joint bit over the tongue.

The result is a bit that provides the strength of a solid bit when pressure is applied, but also the softness and flexibility that a double jointed bit provides.

These bits are exceptional for young horses in particular, and those finding they are needing a more solid to have the horse move into a contact.

With a titanium bit, the horse produces abundant amount of saliva, which helps relaxing the neck muscles and thus encourages acceptance.
Smooth to the touch, each bit will surprise you with its extreme lightness, even though it is made of pure solid titanium: the optimum choice to provide the best conditions for strength, performance and beauty.

Available in size 135mm only, 18mm thick.

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