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Lorenzini Titanium Cheltenham Gag Snaffle

Cheltenham Gag bits are popular with jumpers who are requiring more accuracy and a quicker response from their horses.

The Cheltenham Gag is ideal for horses who get strong. It has a lifting effect, causing horses to bore down to raise their head.

When not in action and if used with duel reins, these bits work just as a snaffle would.

The anatomical joint means there is less pinch action over the tongue than a regular single jointed snaffle would have.

With a titanium bit, the horse produces abundant amount of saliva, which helps relaxing the neck muscles and thus encourages acceptance.
Smooth to the touch, each bit will surprise you with its extreme lightness, even though it is made of pure solid titanium: the optimum choice to provide the best conditions for strength, performance and beauty.

16mm thickness.

Please contact us if your desired width is unavailable.

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