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  • Kentucky Recuptex Stable Boots

Kentucky Recuptex Stable Boots

What is Recuptex?

  • Based on the Bekaert Bekinox technology: the finest inox fibre in the world. Bekinox fibres are thin filaments from different alloys. This fabric is patented and shields 99.99% of EMI smog. Tested at EMC research centre – FMEC Laboratory for Global Reliability
  • The fabric containing these fibres shields external electromagnetic interference (EMI), and importantly, equally shields all magnetic fields created in the body
  • EMI shields can have a range of healing effects on the body


What Recuptex can possibly do:

  • Prolong your horse’s sports performance
  • Create greater inflammatory response
  • More quickly heal bone fractures and cell metabolism

For horses with chronic arthritis and with tendon problems the use of the Kentucky Recuptex stable bandages and wraps can have a healing function. Recuptex influences the electric loaded particles of the cell wall and stimulates blood circulation. Better blood circulation influences the oxygen flow. The recovery process of the body is thereby accelerated in a natural, and often effective way. The Kentucky Recuptex stable wraps and bandages also have a relaxing action on the nervous system of the horse.

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