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ANKY Contest Breeches High Waist Full Leather Seat

Like a higher waist style breech with full seat? You have been heard! We have been asked to restock on our full leather seat breeches, and these are a super choice.

The stylish glittery details and the beautiful high waist of these breeches will make you look gorgeous - super flattering and smoothing of lumps and bumps. The two hidden zipper pockets in front are decorated with shiny imitation diamonds alternated with decorative silver stitching. The same pattern of stitching and diamonds is also featured at the back yoke and the fake pocket flaps. Enough Bling without overdoing it!

High Waist Leather Seat

The breeches are made of Aqua-X, a technical fabric that has a high absorbency, dries fast and helps to regulate body temperature. They are not as thick as ANKY breeches of past, but not so thin as to show off your underwear!

Fabric: 77% nylon, 16% aqua-x, 7% spandex


NB ANKY sizing is different to European and Italian. Please have a look at the sizing chart if you are unfamiliar with the brand.


These breeches do have some marks over them. Will wash out.

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