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Animo Custom Riding Jackets

Looking to create your own Animo masterpiece?

With the new jacket collection, you can change the collar colour, piping and Swarovski addition plus 5 style of buttons all for a small extra customisation charge.

Custom jackets take 3-5 weeks for manufacture, add 1-2 weeks for import to Australia and postage to you.

Creating the jacket is pretty simple (in theory!)

1. What's your style?

Choose from the following basic jackets


LUD: EVO fabric and three button style with zip pockets and inner zip closure. Classic feminine shape. The collar is customisable in the LUD version.

LECI: EVO fabric and double breasted, cut-away version for those wanting the 'mini-tail' look. The collar and tail points of the LECI are customisable.

LAGEO: EVO fabric, double breasted tailcoat with weighted pockets to provide the perfect fit and look. The collar and tail points of the LAGEO are customisable.



IKKO: EVO fabric with a classic stitched collar and lapel. The collar is customisable in IKKO.

IAMA: EVO fabric in a double breasted tailcoat, with weighted pockets to provide the perfect fit. The collar and tail points of the IAMA are customisable.

2. What colour are you thinking?

Choose your base colour

A range of base colours await you. Choose from:

  • Blu Navy
  • Black
  • Amaranto (burgundy)
  • Brown
  • Bluette
  • Grey
  • Lotus (green)

3The nitty gritty - this might take a while...

Choose your collar style & colour

Collars can be customised in the following ways:

  • Colour (choose from a range of bright and cheerful, or more demure fabrics)
  • Trim/Piping (again bright choices, more demure options and classic metallic cords)
  • Swarovski addition can be tone-on-tone (i.e. the same colour as your collar choice) or crystal swarovski. See images for further illustration.

4. Do your details match?

Choose your flap style & colour (LECI, LAGEO and IAMA jackets only)

As above for #3, choose the colour, trim and piping or Swarovski for the flaps of the tails/mini-tails.

5. Button it up!

Choose the style of buttons you prefer for the jacket of your dreams!

Please email us at with your colour selections. We will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your selection & finalise any queries!

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