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August 04, 2020 2 min read

My lockdown has looked a little different to most other riders as unfortunately I had a minor fall off a young horse two days before lockdown and ended up breaking my foot and needing surgery!
But lets be honest, if this had to happen, the timing couldn’t be any better really with all Equestrian events cancelled, our UK plans postponed and everyone else also forced to stay at home.
My horse’s have all been turned out to essentially have their winter break (normally in May) a few months early and will come back into work once I am riding again.
Firstly I will need to get myself walking again, then I will gradually start riding but only doing dressage training and some hacking until I feel secure again – I am lucky I can give this injury all the time it needs to heal as we probably won’t have any proper competitions until August/Sept.
The thing I was most guttered about when this happen was that my new Secchiari Boots from Dapple EQ arrived at my door just after surgery and I couldn’t even try them on!
These are without doubt my favourite brand of boot as there is such a variety to choose from to suit any discipline. For example I have a very thin, soft and glamorous black pair for dressage, then my favourite brown pair for Cross Country that have a thicker layer on the inside for less wear.
One of the weird things about the lockdown and our season being cut short was also washing all the competition gear from our last competition and then essentially putting it away for six months.     I cannot wait to be able to get out again in my Equiline breeches that again have a great range to suit every discipline with high wasted ones for dressage and thin, stretchy ones for the jumping phases all while having a simple but stylish look.

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