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February 10, 2017 2 min read

Synonymous with style, the Secchiari label is second to none.

Stivaleria Secchiari is a family business founded in 1950 by Alfredo and Emilia Secchiari based in Le Marche, Italy; today Stivaleria Secchiari continues with traditional, expert craftsmanship handed down through three generations of boot makers specialising in high quality boots in the equestrian industry.

Their products are entirely hand made and can be personalised by choosing from a variety of trims, models and types of leathers.

All of the leathers used in creating the boots and accessories are carefully selected in Tuscany, renowned for its quality and durability.

The Secchiari brand is well known across the world by riders from many equestrian disciplines for classic design, attention to detail and for their performance.

We were stunned and unbelievably impressed by the true craftsmanship and passion for their work, as demonstrated at the Secchiari workshop in Macerata, Italy, and you will undoubtedly feel the same way upon laying eyes on their bespoke handmade boots!

Offering a multitude of leather options, trim details, stitching, styles and bling - there is almost nothing that this small family cannot achieve in boot creation.



Similarly to the Italian Anna Scarpati label, there are also two ways of getting your hands on these boots:

1. Off The Shelf

As the name suggests, and alike many commercial manufacturers - this allows a range of foot sizes (mens and womens) with four different heights available and a range of calf widths. This means that you can essentially walk into the shop and find a pair of boots that will more or less fit you as best a non-made to measure boot would, all with the handmade attention to detail and flawless finish of Secchiari.


These second option offers a vast and potentially unlimited selection of boots, the only limit being the imagination!

2. Made to Measure

Here is where you get to think outside the box a little & create the boot of your dreams. We have a range of 'made to measure' boots in store/online for the creative juices to start flowing - but the options are endless here!

Some inspiration:


For more details on how to order or build the boot of your dreams, get in touch with us today!

The measurement process is straightforward and the results have been excellent. A multitude of leg and foot measurements means these boots fit like they should, right from the start. The hardest part is deciding what you want!

Happy riding :)

Lara & Carla

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