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October 23, 2018 4 min read

With incredible weather - perfect for a weekend's jumping - show jumpers from around South Australia started arriving to Loxton (in the Riverland, SA) for the long weekend ahead. A relaxed and entertaining weekend was definitely had by all...!

Lara and I spotted many a rider in gear purchased from Dapple EQ, and wanted to throw together a little storyboard for you to see the ways you can wear these brands in the ring.

Covergirl is Lara herself, who is wearing the incredibly stunning ES Emerald saddle pad (which you can see here, looks amazing on a grey!). She is also wearing Equiline Ceder breeches in beige and the seriously gorgeous Animo Lacrycompetition jacket. Lets not forget those eyecatching Secchiari Boots in Antique Brown. Lara is also using Kentucky Elastic Tendon Boots (in a past colour, discontinued) and Equiline Soundless Ears which make such an enormous difference to horses behaviour and attentiveness when at Agricultural Shows where Sheep Dog Challenges are being held next to the warm up, Sheaf Tossing and Log Chopping are directly across from the arena, and lets not forget to mention the Show Rides buzzing around too!

Lara is also wearing the Charles Owen SP8 Sunsmart helmet with wide brim, which is outstanding in sunny weather as it provides a clear view which is unhindered by light beams that hit the outer periphery of your eye, which can happen with traditional brimmed helmets. Charles Owen are also leaders in safety, with exceptional ratings. The SP8 also has a mesh centre which allows brilliant ventilation.

Next up is Chloe Wedd, who is wearing Animo (no surprises, it really is the best brand of jumping jacket for functionality, comfort, wearability, fit and washability... lets not forget to mention STYLE!). These jackets are exceptional because they are machine washable, stain resistant and water repellent. They are incredibly stretchy and fit brilliantly across the shoulders - and fit all body types and sizes thanks to the zip front and external buttons which means no buttons pop open or pull! Winning!

How great does a simple black, white and silver colour palate look? It even works with oak or havana coloured leatherware.

Junior rider Tom Harris had a few rides throughout the weekend, and mixed up his looks. Here he is riding Joel Koster's horse, wearing a white/blue/avio Animo Wagon saddle pad(which is a dressage cut, but many people prefer the depth of pad and are not worried about a straight cut front). Tom is wearing his Animo Irto Mens Competition Jacket, Animo Milton Breeches and Secchiari Omero Mens Riding Boots which are a sensational boot - reinforced for extra strength and durability, and only $650. The ladies equivalent to this is the Secchiari Dafne, which is identical in appearance but different leg sizes and widths.

Tom is also looking sharp in the new Animo A18 Mens Competition Polo Shirt in white and Animo Xilo Mens Tie.

Classic Navy and white is always a great combination, and very smart.

Another eyecatching combination is Amaranto (burgundy) which of course is a very popular choice at the moment! Here is Alex Morris demonstrating how great a little splash of colour can look with her Anna Scarpati Quinta cut Saddle Pad in ruby, which has a striking navy and white trim. She has tied it in with the Animo Carlos Ear Net in Ruby which gives a really striking effect. Alex's jacket also features a burgundy collar, and it truly sets off her entire outfit. An awesome look!

Everyone likes a flashy chestnut, and Lara's JEP Frapant is definitely one of those! Taking on preppy Animo WIXA in Navy with a flash of burgundy it really brings out his warm hues and her striking Secchiari Antique Brown Boots (swoon). Frank is also wearing the Animo CELUFly Veil in Navy

Michelle Clark always looks smart, and is here shown wearing our Animo Lacry Competition Jacket. This is an incredible jacket with the most beautiful variegated Swarovski across the collar. Navy and brown always make a good, classic combination, and her brown tack match the details on her Antares Galaxy Helmet just perfectly.

Another always in the well dressed category is no surprise, Sarah Wigney! Sarah is also a Dapple sponsored rider, and here is looking pretty great back in classic navy and white. Sarah is a great advocate of our Vestrum label, which is an incredibly beautiful classic, refined line. Stunning garments for competition and casual wear!

Moving away from the classic navy, we have the brighter Bluette starting to make a feature back in the ring!

Jasmin Dawe is also a local SA rider with a flair for ring style! Bluette gives a pop of colour to Alan, who is also wearing a matching Animo saddle pad and ears from a past season - demonstrating how well these products last through time.

Of course I put myself last - perhaps hoping has made it this far...! But if you have, congrats! I'm wearing the new season Animo Lariel Competition Jacket in Bluette which has the most beautiful Swarovski on the collar, giving it a little pop. I'm also wearing the Animo NJuly Breeches - these breeches are THE BEST if you want a higher waisted breech that hides mum-tums (yep guilty) or just like a higher sitting breech. We have them in white and Amaranto (burgundy) which is gorgeous. I tend to always wear brown boots, but this time I switched it up a little and have my Animo Zara Boots on, which is a laceless version. We currently have in stock the Animo Zacon, which have laces and are out for a bargain $550!

Animo boots are incredibly comfortable to wear, and are very durable - the ones pictured are my 'home boots' and have been going for 3 years so far. Quality lasts! Finally my trusty steed, EV Budvar (aka Orion) has on Kentucky Elastic Tendon Boots and is in the PS of Sweden HvE Bridle (ON SALE!), and the saddle pad is the new season Animo Wandain Bluette. 

So, if you're looking for some new attire for Australian Showjumping Championships at Boneo & can't wait to see us there, drop into the store and check out the wares in person - or check out the direct links all above to take you to each product.

Looking forward to seeing who is #dressedbydapple at Aus Champs!

Carla (and Lara!)

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