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September 06, 2016 1 min read

One of our signature brands and one which we are immensely proud to stock at Dapple is that of the Italian Fashion House - Animo Italia.

Animo's fabric, style and point of difference is completely unique. The wearability of the fabrics and ease of cleaning (thanks to the stain resistant fabric) saves so much time on washing - I can attest to this having sat on a cast horses head (in a dirt yard) in a brand new pair of white competition breeches, seriously looked like I had taken the ground on in a sensational fall. Being interstate at the time, they didn't get washed, sprayed or any form of attention for three days; then were just chucked into the washing machine with all the other whites & came up good as new. No word of a lie. Another friend of mine (*cough-Kurt*) somehow managed to get squid ink on his whites [insert shocked look] which also surprisingly, washed out.

We are so impressed with the cut, quality of fabrics and style of the garments that we have imported another collection, featuring many one-of's (i.e. exclusive) in a range of summer and autumn items to fit our temperate spring ahead.

Breeches, including another two runs of the ever popular denim breeches, a number of shirts from sleeveless through to long sleeve, v-necks, stunning padded jackets, then the staple bandages, wraps and fly veils.

We hope to see you in-store soon, or at the 2016 Australian Showjumping Championships in a few weeks time!

Lara & Carla

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