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July 01, 2017 3 min read

Emerging in Australia in 2016 with thanks to The Italian Saddlery - you wouldn't have been alone to think that Makebe was easy to glance over as 'just another Italian label'. In hindsight, I am kicking myself for not seeing the value in this brand sooner.

It's far from another Animo. Cavalleria Toscana is more similar, with its simple and classic lines, never really pushing the boundaries too far. It's a brand that will keep their existing lines going every season, with a few tweaks to colour and cut improvements if needed

What I did like about Makebe was that it is classy and comfortable. SO comfortable! The stretch in the fabric is astonishing. Truly unrestricted movement in breeches. If you're like me and a little hard on your clothes, you don't feel like you have to be a little careful in case you pop a stitch (which is nice, as I do tend to sit a little boyish and sprawl out whenever I have an opportunity haha).

The full seat breech with the higher waist that we're carrying, the 'Charlotte' breech: I'm (Carla) a bit more curvy than many people (size I44/12) and went into a I46 in these but as soon as they were on, I was convinced. It really is a try-to-buy brand. It mightn't look like your type of product on the shelf, but when it's on you can see the benefits. The breeches are super soft, super stretchy, give a flattering outline on a fuller figured person - especially with the higher waist as it tends to hold everything in a little! They come in a full seat and a knee grip, in a range of colours. The chocolate is very pretty and we currently are holding this style and colour in store in a full seat which retails below a full seat Animo - again, winning!

The only perceivable downside to these breeches is the lack of a lining (alike that of Animo) which means being such a lightweight fabric - you really feel the saddle underneath you. However in the saddle, they are very stretchy, very comfortable and great to ride in.

We also took on the Jessie padded bomber which is very much a luxury garment for those wanting a quality jacket in a classic Italian cut. Retailing at $600 many people wouldn't likely use this much around their horses (which of course it's been designed to do), but for stable to street style it's winner through and through. Winter warmth guaranteed!

The other item worth writing home about is the machine washable, 100% wool riding jacket. This is super lightweight and an incredibly fine weave. The structure and effortless class this jacket brings is like nothing we currently have at Dapple! I wasn't entirely convinced about the Free Movement System (effectively a T piece of elastane composite fabric sewn into the shoulders of the jacket for flexibility and stretch in a non-stretch fabric garment!) on paper, and even on the hanger. It's only once you put this jacket on and realise the flattering style and structure it gives that you're sold on it. Again, a try-to-buy garment. Plus for a showjumper, I had SO much give in the back. I'll definitely be using this jacket this show season! This jacket is a small fit again, I went into an I46 for this. 


More exciting garments and technical apparel will be on the way from Makebe in the coming months, such as the incredible wave spurs and stirrups, and gorgeous belts and bags *swoon*. We are LOVING this brand!

Happy riding!

Lara & Carla 


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