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February 10, 2017 1 min read

Lorenzini Horse - now under the distribution and control of Equiline Italia - has come back bigger and stronger than ever.


'Stirrups designed for safety' they may be, but they're also very pleasing to the eye and great to ride in, with customers enjoying GP and Dressage models alike.

The key aspects of these stirrups can be broken down into the following points.


"The refined ergonomic design of Lorenzini stirrups is studied to limit possible traumas in case of a fall and allow easy foot release.

Moreover, the particular shape guarantees great resistance to torsion stress, and therefore allows prompt balance recovery."


These points aside, people are finding their angled foot tread beneficial to ankle joints as well as enabling the heel to drop further than with conventional stirrups.


With titanium and rubber/titanium treads in two widths (5cm "dressage", 6.5cm "GP"), Lorenzini stirrups are available in a wide range of colours with shiny, matte or shimmering finishes.

Try a pair today & see the benefits for yourself!


Lara & Carla

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