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December 26, 2016 1 min read

Kentucky are great at keeping up with needed products for the market, and the Young Horse Fetlock Boots are another great item to have in your boot kit.


We have found the Young Horse boots to be the perfect way to initiate young horses who are unfamiliar with wearing fetlock boots, safely and easily. They're a excellent choice for horses competing in young horse classes (they are FEI compliant) and also for use in general classes.

Featuring an anatomically shaped design for ultimate stability on the leg, these boots are also very lightweight thanks to the breathable neoprene addition, which ensures freedom of movement and comfort for the horse. The inner fetlock is protected against knocks by a light and tough TPU shell. These Young Horse boots are hardwearing, easy to clean, are adjustable and have a secure velcro strap closure which completes this highly desirable boot.


They are really the ultimate way to start a horse wearing boots or for those competing under 110cm. 

The Young Horse Fetlock boots are now available at Dapple EQ in black or brown, in a few combinations (click on item to view):


 Set - Tendon Elastic & Young Horse Fetlock Boots

 Set - Air Tendon & Young Horse Fetlock Boots

And the new addition to the range, Sheepskin Young Horse Fetlock Boots


As with everything, we are improving and adding to the range over time. So if there is ever something Kentucky you would like & we don't have currently in store - let us know! 


Happy training

Lara & Carla

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