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January 22, 2019 2 min read

Hotter than the sun in an Australian summer, Kentucky Horsewearhas blistered its way back into our hearts with thanks to its vibrant and progressive revamping of essential horse wear items.

Machine washable sheepskin? Yes please! Animal friendly? Also a big tick.

Yes, obviously this does mean that products are 'man-made/eco-leather' and synthetic sheepskin, but these products are of the highest quality and boy, do they last.

The sheepskin is luxurious and breathable, the clever technology integrated into items such as the rabbit skin lined rugs (still synthetic, they're animal friendly remember) to provide lightweight warmth which is as luxurious as you'll find in horse apparel!


 This beautiful lining creates tiny air pockets that retain the body warmth of the horse. 

So why do you need this brand in your life? Well, apart from the obvious time-saving details above (did I mention they have an incredible 'tack cleaner' which breathes life back into your Kentucky products? The boot cleaner is also amazing!!), they are cost effective and industry forward, making discount available by buying boots as sets rather than individually (save 10-15%) and you are buying a premium product for much less than the beautiful genuine leather alternatives available.

Buying boots as a set saves you money - there are flexible options available with FEI legal options and training boots to be mixed and matched.


The full range of Kentucky would take houuuurrrs to go through and explain why these products are THE BEST, however, being a bit partial to the most desired colour of the year (which is still holding up for its 2nd consecutive year) - Bordeaux, here's a few things which you can expect to see hitting the shelves of Dapple:

Absolutely stunning stable accessories - also available in navy (ongoing) and including the stable toys... so so cute!


Quarter Sheets are very very handy for when the cooler weather hits - and these have the sensational rabbit lining too!



I know it seems totally contradictory to be thinking about rugs at the moment in this heat (well, in SA anyway!), but the All-Weather rug in 0g is something that you will use nearly all year round. This is super durable and the cut is great. Its also fairly gorgeous, so there's no eye sores here.


All the while, don't forget about the other options these guys are sensational at, such as sheepskin accessories, charms and our very popular girths.



I think you get the picture. Anyway - we are as always, proud of our range we bring in but are more than happy to import extra bits and pieces as required that we don't have in stock. Just send us a message and we can do our best to make your Kentucky dreams come true!


Lara & Carla

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