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Are Kentucky Horse Boots The Best On The Market?

April 20, 2020 1 min read

Kentucky Boot Review By Dapple Ambassador - Jade Kluske-Hickmott 

Due to Covid-19 most of us are self-isolating or choosing to stay at home as much as possible. This means extra time for training & schooling of your young horses in preparation for when life settles back down and show season starts again.



Personally, I am taking the time to bring some off the track horses into work to prepare them for sale as well as handling my yearlings to make life easier later in the year.

A must for me when working horses is leg protection and for my team I choose, KENTUCKY.

The Kentucky Equestrian Boot Range

Kentucky offer a wide range of boots including:

  • Showjumping boots: Open front in many different styles with/without fluff for those sensitive horses.
  • Cross country boots: Offering the highest protection with light weight and breathable options available.
  • Bell boots: No turn, fluff and standard available.

Plus many more wonderful products such as, dog rugs, removal fluff for halters, breastplates etc, turn out boots,

My Choice

My favourite for day to day use is the, ‘Kentucky Elastic Tendon boots’ and the ‘Kentucky Knee Tendon boots’.

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The elastic tendon boots are light weight and I love the D3O shock absorbing molecules for the ultimate protection.

The Knee tendon boots I use on my horses with any splints as they offer higher protection to prevent any bumps or knocks.

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